Senorita Bread: Not your ordinary bread

By: Trixia Abrera

[ Se – nyo – ri – ta ]. Noun. A name or title used to address an unmarried woman in spanish, In english translation it’s called a Miss.

Do you know that? One of the most addicting and loved pastry in the Philippines originated from the term senorita. Many locals, as well as natives from foreign lands are fascinated by its exquisite flavor and name.

Senorita Bread: One of a kind through the decade

The bread is also called spanish bread in Filipino layman’s term, shaped in a ladyfinger like manner. They  are molded as small, oblong shaped dough that is rolled up with butter, sugar and breadcrumbs.

Originally, The bread is coated and filled with butter and sugar but with the innovation and as bakers want it to be more eye- catchy and tastebud satisfying to the millenial and the centennial era, other fillings were made such as Ube (purple yam), cream cheese, cheddar cheese, yema (caramel coating), and coco jam.

Senorita Bread: Satisfying cravings

These one of a kind bread could be equally compared to an original glazed donut from your usual donut store. It is a perfect snack to be paired up with a cold milky frappuccino, hot cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or even a Mango fruit shake.

The bread’s sweet aroma is perfectly matched with its chewy, sugary, soft, sweet and tasty texture. It will not only fill up your appetite for the day or satisfy your daily cravings but you will end up yearning for more.

Have you tasted one? What can you say about your experience?

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