Mulat Broadcasting Entertainment And Media Inc Grand Launched @ BHotel Q.C.

MULAT Media had a successful Grand Launch last night. And now, people around the globe will experience more of MULAT TV with new shows and exciting caravans these coming months. It is a new flatform to set and open the Eyes of Filipinos including International audience World Over!

MULAT is Set to Open the Eyes of Filipinos the World Over! Last September 19, the most eye-opening event was recent digital history that took place as Mulat was launched at the B Hotel Ballroom Quezon City.

MULAT exists to awaken consciousness, illuminate minds, inspire hearts and fuel passions in the most creative ways possible, thereby sparking positive change in the world. We will be the leading content providers in Asia because we will employ the most game- changing strategies, out-of the-box ideas and most importantly, a visionary breed of people. It is the game-changing social media streaming platform using safe and secured modern digital technology online.

Our Target Audience is composed of Filipinos across the globe with the initial potential subscriber base of about 3 million registered overseas contract workers. Mulat data analytics will provide you with cost efficient advertising by putting in your material front of the right audience at the most optimal time. Mulat produces, co-produces and partners with reputable content creators to provide cutting-edge, ground-breaking and eye-opening shows and content.

For your pleasure, the app contains programs to address social issues, legal matters, nostalgia, employing technology in media, making it the perfect place to see and hear the help you need.

Meric Mara their creator shares “I am an open source advocate and I teach around the country, I could tell how they live, their joy and pain. I love this project and since I started in 1996, I have a lot of clients who have improved their businesses with technology. I looked at my friend who worked in media, and if we put the same technology, there is a big opportunity in this and blockchain technology. Media should provide content, correct and using positive approach. Not to be driven only by revenue, to create content and be instruments in nation building. That is where this all started, you should see more of this soon!”

Sophie Quintanar their CEO says “Thank you for your birthday surprise, I am so happy to have seen this all come true. There will be more, I can’t wait til you see the other shows we have lined up for you. Thank you for coming to our grand launch!”

Also, MULAT TV would like to thank the following sponsors who made their successful launch possible last September 19 @ BHotel Q.C.

Presented to you by:
The bHotel Quezon City
8Layer Technologies, Inc.
Mara Linux and Business Solutions, Inc.
Kampo de Mara

Co-presented by
Ruby G Wellness and Beauty Spa
Converge ICT Solutions, Inc.

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FRICH Revolution
Philippines Event/ Post ( As Media Partners )
Biffany and Beryl
Asia’s Lashes
CUT Encarnacion Group of Salon
Californian Bloom Dermatology and Aesthetic Center
Live Levels Pro Audio and Lights Services

Watch out for our exciting line-up of programs that promise to entertain, educate and enlighten Filipinos from all walks of life, all around the world. MULAT. Walang Kukurap!

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