GMA Network’s election advocacy ‘Pusuan Ang Totoo’ wins Silver in Asian Digital Media Awards

For inspiring Filipino voters to stand for what is true, to fight corruption and disinformation, and choose leaders who will truly serve the country during the 2019 Midterm Elections—GMA News and Public Affairs’ Eleksyon 2019 advocacy campaign, “Pusuan ang Totoo,” earned a Silver prize for “Best Marketing Campaign for News Brand” at the 2019 Asian Digital Media Awards.

“Pusuan ang Totoo” takes inspiration from netizens’ behavior of “liking” or “heart-ing” (thus the term “pusuan” or “to heart”) posts they like on social media. As the country faced another election season, GMA News and Public Affairs asked viewers and netizens to “heart” the truth by being responsible voters last May.

On top of encouraging voters to exercise critical thinking in choosing their candidates, the campaign also asked Filipinos to be more discerning in their sources of information—especially on social media—urging them to choose the news that is true, as opposed to fake news.

As part of the “Pusuan ang Totoo” advocacy, GMA News and Public Affairs Digital Media developed several tools to help Filipino voters “heart” the truth.

The Eleksyon 2019 website on GMA News Online included news and videos of the election coverage and voter’s guides—including profiles of each senatorial candidate; video and reports from Debate 2019; and demographic data on the electorate. Netizens were also able to access comprehensive results for the national and local races, with features such as heat maps, local-level performances of senatorial candidates, and smart search for the best experiences for users.

The campaign also included the video series “YouScoopAsks” which saw how citizen journalism allowed netizens to submit a question that senatorial candidates were asked to answer directly.

Filipino social media influencer Dante Gulapa was also tapped for DantEleksyon – a video series explaining the intricacies of the voting process in a lighthearted, funny way intended to reach younger and more ‘masa’ voters.

GMA News and Public Affairs once again made the “MyKodigo” app available to allow voters to practice filling out election ballots and generate sample ballots for their use on election day.

Another vote stimulator tool, “Stand on Issues” enabled netizens to choose their senatorial candidates, and simulate how these choices would affect the legislative agenda of the Senate if these candidates won.

“The ‘Pusuan Ang Totoo’ campaign highlights the commitment of GMA News and Public Affairs to our mantra of Serbisyong Totoo especially in the digital age. The need for discernment and critical thinking is paramount amid all the misinformation that spreads on online platforms, especially during election season,” said Marissa Flores, GMA Network Senior Vice President for News and Public Affairs.

“With the internet becoming a bigger part of Filipinos’ media diet, it’s important to have trustworthy sources for news and information to help people make the right choices,” added Jaemark Tordecilla, Assistant Vice President for News and Public Affairs Digital Media.

The award was received by GMA News Social Media Manager Justin Joyas in behalf of GMA News and Public Affairs.

Presented by the World Association of News Publishers, Asian Digital Media Awards recognizes “Asian publishers who have delivered unique and original digital media projects.”