Ensaymada: A bread of culture for the local

By: Trixia Abrera

[ en – say – ma – da ] noun.  A type of Filipino pastry which is made with soft, sweet dough covered with butter, sugar and  lots of grated cheese on top.

This type of Filipino pastry is usually partnered up with a hot cocoa or a cup of hot coffee to balance the perfect bittersweet flavor in your tastebuds.

Ensaymada: The bread and its history

It can be traced way back during the Spanish colonial era, In the Balearic Island of Mallorca in Spain. It originated from the spanish pastry called brioche in which bakers named this special coiled bread ensaimada de Mallorca. 

The name ensaimada was taken from the term ‘saim’ which means lard, In which is visibly spread out as a fat on the surface of the dough making it look like flaky layers of the bread.

Traditionally, It was made in a coiled, flat-concoction shape with plain sugar and butter, yet over the years, bakers then mold the modern version into a muffin-like, puffed up shape that comes with fillings of Ube (purple yam), chocolate, or caramel bringing it to be more eye-catchy and mouth watery to the millennial era today.

Ensaymada: Becoming a local’s favorite

Over the years, this special Filipino pastry had never failed to keep on bringing people together. With its sweet, mouth-watering aroma matched with its soft and cheesy texture and its exquisite and pleasurable filling. Every bite will make you crave for more.

The pastry is a perfect snack everywhere you go, whether a special holiday, season or just getting by your usual way of living. The ensaymada is one food that will surely set your mood straight.

Have you ever had one of this pastry? What was it like? 

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Author: Pinoykami.online